New chillout  game music from Norrin_Radd, Shnabubula, and Electric Cafe, with deep dance grooves from Ayoshutduff from the netlabel Tracked Music! Perfect study music or tunes to get work done! Enjoy this weeks show!
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Some of the best music the internet has to offer! I catch up on tracks I missed in July and August with releases from Chipmusic Heroes, Ravertooth Tiger, Hyperwave Records, Popcorn Kid and Master Boot Record!
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Upbeat chiptune mix featuring new EPs from Decktonic, Toriena, Aethernaut and the Chunderfins, Nanode (an Undertale Remix EP) and KRVKT ( We also get a sneak peak at one of the tracks of the brand new OST to Klang!
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New video game remixes and game inspired music from my record label GameChops! Games like Overwatch, MegaMan, Sonic the Hedgehog, Zelda and more, including some unreleased gems! Be sure to check out GameChops on youtube! 

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New tracks from Desktop & Galaxy Swim Team, including RobKTA, Nelward and Sylcmyk. New releases from Joshua Morse, An0va (The Base Bit Records), Saitone (CheapBeats), and She.

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A collection of fun dance singles from chiptune artists Zantilla, Tiasu, Toni Leys, El Mobo, Robotprins & Rydmkraft, and Ben Briggs & Voia! Including a new compilation from Forest Label, a Russia / Norway based label who collaborated with Chiptunes = WIN!
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A varied mix of of chiptunes, synthwave and fusion music to watch the sun set on a summer’s night. Tracks from Yoann Turpin, Tri Angles, Diskette Deluxe (Cheap Beats) and DDRKirby(ISQ)
- - TRACKLIST - - 
DDRKirby(ISQ)    Play With Me [Mabe Village]
DDRKirby(ISQ)    Gulliver
DDRKirby(ISQ)    Lunar Love
DDRKirby(ISQ)    Take It to the Limit
Diskette Deluxe    Default Bass
Diskette Deluxe    Fusion Sucks, But That's Okay
Diskette Deluxe    Euphoria Melancholia
Yoann Turpin    Ring Ring
Yoann Turpin    Someone I love
Yoann Turpin    Irish Mom
Tri Angles    SHIMMER
Tri Angles    PRISMATIC
Tri Angles    TIMELAPSE
Diskette Deluxe    Love Poison
DDRKirby(ISQ)    Love Everlasting [Lonely Rolling Star]
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New chiptune electro from MegaNeko (Hyperwave Records), Little Sound Assembly's new compilation celebrating their 2016 festival,  Cheap Shot with deep house from Japanese label Cheap Beats, and Tri Angles with 8-bit drum and bass via The Base Bit Records.
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Upbeat and chill out with new chiptune music from Shirobon, Electric Children, Malmen and Laffe The Fox (Cheap Beats) Support TWiC on 

Full tracklist - 

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We celebrate the release of Chiptunes = WIN Volume 5, a multi-national free chiptune compilation available at  Support This Week in Chiptune at
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