New music from Trey Frey, Let's Disinfect, Maxo, Rainbow Dragon Eyes, Ap0c, and a sneak peak at the new album from .mpegasus. We'll also hear the Saskrotch / Kkrusty split EP from Weekly Treats, and a new remix from An0va.

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A varied show starting upbeat tunes from Popskyy and LittleSound Assembly, and heavy metal inspired chiptune compositions from 456.

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Pulse-pounding dance music Boss Fight, Hitboxx and Harley Likes Music, with classic chiptune remasters from Electric Children and Datacats!
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Chill and jazzy chiptune music from Vince Kaichan (Cheapbeats), Xenon Odyssey, and fluidvolt, Amiga hits from Lizardking (Bleepstreet), and chiptune trance from Chipzel. A new track from Boaconstructor (The Base Bit Records), and new tunes from Boba Sweat, formerly known as Player 2.
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Dance music and upbeats chiptunes from LukHash, Rymdkraft (CheapBeats), Chipzel and RainbowDragonEyes!
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Chiptunes = WIN has put out a new volume of chiptune music, 51 tracks from chiptune musicians around the world. The new album is available for free, download at
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A chill episode, Super Nintendo inspired music from Bknapp and Shnabubula, deep Nanoloop house from Cheapshot, tracks from DDRKirby(ISQ) and Nitro Pulse, and the new compilation from Pterodactyl Squad!

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We'll hear great new music tonight from Hyper Potions and Subtact off Monstercat, Chipzel's new release from DataAirlines, new music from Dollfin (Kawaii 8bit), Laffe the Fox, and the new GameChops Splatoon remix album, Splatunes!
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Bass heavy chiptunes from Tri Angels, jazzy tunes from Estlib, dance music from JKLOL and Hyper Potions, plus a new soundfont tune from Maxo!

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TWiC 109: Brave Wave, Ben Briggs, 2xAA, Dream*Eater
This week we hear remixes from Brave Wave, including artists like Chpizel, Shirobon and ABSRDST, along with new music by Ben Briggs (GameChops) founder 2xAA, Dream*Eater, and more.
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