Groovy, laid back tracks from Xenon Odyssey, Sacio, Nelward and Chronowolf! A great episode to kick back and vibe to!
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8-Bit L.A.’s Frequency Festival starts tomorrow, we’ll hear tracks of Version 5.0 Sample, two new heavy hitting releases from Cheap Beats by Ultrasyd and Pixeltune, and a new release from Coda!

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New tracks from She, MisfitChris, DeskPOP, Dubmood, Stargazer, The Flight Away and Toni Leys! Tracks range from mellow to chill house, some featuring vocals both abstract and lyrical. A really fun episode to vibe out to, study, or get things done. I really like this ep but had a hard time writing a blurb for it... can ya tell? ;D
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New albums from Boy Without Batteries, Chipmusic Heroes, ChipWIN and Synx. More tracks by Mykah, Alex Lane, and Ben Briggs.
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Post-Guch, a term I affectionately use to describe chiptune music in a pop-punk format. It's a style pioneered by the group Anamanaguchi, and tonight's tunes are from Slime Girls and Melt Channel. We will also hear tracks of J-NERATION 3, a Japanese happy hardcore EDM compilation, along with tracks from Smooth McGroove Remixed (GameChops) and the new EP from Dream Eater (Pterodactyl Squad)

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This episode is dedicated to the new release from Brave Wave, Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack. Made in collaboration with Capcom and the original composers, this album features the highest quality versions of the arcade soundtrack ever made available. Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack is the pilot release for Brave Wave's new Bit Generation series.

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Future Bass, chiptune trap and video game music from Floor Baba, James Landino, Dj-Jo, Storz ( Cheap Beats ) and Case Portman. 
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NES and Gameboy tracks from Rushjet 1, Chema64, Necrophageon, plus some game music by Maxo, Meganeko and TDK.
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Synthwave and chill out tunes and video game remixes from Nelward, Karl Brueggemann, Molasar (Telefuture) and For Astronauts and Satallites (CheapBeats)

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We hear the new Castlevania EP from Joshua Morse via GameChops, plus some killer compilations from Ben Briggs, Chiptunes = WIN / MicroCollective, Battle of the Bits and Chip Bit Sid / SuperByte Festival!
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