This episode is dedicated to the new release from Brave Wave, Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack. Made in collaboration with Capcom and the original composers, this album features the highest quality versions of the arcade soundtrack ever made available. Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack is the pilot release for Brave Wave's new Bit Generation series.

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Future Bass, chiptune trap and video game music from Floor Baba, James Landino, Dj-Jo, Storz ( Cheap Beats ) and Case Portman. 
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NES and Gameboy tracks from Rushjet 1, Chema64, Necrophageon, plus some game music by Maxo, Meganeko and TDK.
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Synthwave and chill out tunes and video game remixes from Nelward, Karl Brueggemann, Molasar (Telefuture) and For Astronauts and Satallites (CheapBeats)

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We hear the new Castlevania EP from Joshua Morse via GameChops, plus some killer compilations from Ben Briggs, Chiptunes = WIN / MicroCollective, Battle of the Bits and Chip Bit Sid / SuperByte Festival!
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Deep house, chill out and future bass inspired chiptune music from Cheapshot, DKSTR, TREY FREY, and more. 
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An eclectic blend of chiptune dance music, from Japan’s Maltine and Cheap Beats, France’s DJ-PIE, and UK’s Mykah. More tracks from Graz, Blood Code, Mr. Spastic, and tracks off PewDiePie’s game OST written by Rushjet1. 
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A dance music episode dedicated to progressive internet record labels, NoCopyrightSounds, Monstercat, Ninety9Lives, and GameChops.

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Two new albums from Ubiktune by chiptune musicians Hunty and Zabutom. We’ll also hear tracks from Seattle chiptune scene's CrunchyCo, who are celebrating their 10 Year anniversary. Singles tonight by Voia and Relay Bros.
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Uplifting chiptune house, deep amiga vibes, and chill-out tracks tonight from Malmen, DDRKirby(ISQ), and two new projects from Henry Homesweet, 2A0X and YEON.
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