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I'm on tour this week so 2 Tone Disco is filling in! Check out these guys

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Tonight’s episode will focus on a different style of music proliferated by the Internet, Future Funk! Tracks from RobKTA and labels Business Casual and Future Society Collective.

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A mix of feel-good chiptune tracks to kick off the summer! Music by Japan's SEXY-SYNTHESIZER, Montreal's Toy Company, and the international collective Battle of the Bits!

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This episode focuses on music made with Nintendo consoles, especially the Nintendo 2A03 and the Gameboy DMG-001.
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A Synthwave and FM synthesis themed episode with hints of outer space vibes, music by FM-84, Waveshaper (NewRetroWave), SubMoon Records and DJ Super Sonic!

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An episode focusing on fun and cute chiptune music from Demoscenen Time Machine, Robotprins and Tobokegao (Cheap Beats), with more tracks by NRMN, Swerdmurd and Kola Kid!

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A show on J-Core (Japanese Hardcore) dance music, chiptune drum n bass, gameboy house, and more from J-NERATION, Balloonbear, Tiasu & Bicnic, and Zan! 

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A tribute to Prince by Shirobon, and we listen to the music of Anamanaguchi's video game Capsule Silence XXIV, a project shrouded in mystery.

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The outstanding synthwave album from Arcade High "Kingdom" released be Telefuture, A new album from Musho released by CheapBeats, tunes from Maxo and video game remixes from Casval/Damocles. Support the show -

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