Incredible new collection of Celtic folk songs made Chiptune by Chiptunes = WIN, a new international chiptune compilation from Russia’s BleepLove, new heavy hitting LSDj jams from Japan’s NNNNNNNNNN, and the new full-length from Popskyy!

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New music from Dj CUTMAN, 4mat, Malmen, Battle of the Bits, and Pterodactyl Squad. We also listen to a release from the new Boston-based chipmusic label Rhythmus Records, and hear a chilled out track from Knife City.
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Incredible new Chiptune EDM from Meganeko, new compilations from Toy Company and Chipmusic Heroes, and a single from The Mineral Kingdom. We’ll also hear the debut EP from Russellian, hot off of Smoking Mirrors, a label and production studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Tonight we hear The Best of Keygen Music, a collection from NEST HQ, sister netlabel to skrillex’s imprint OWSLA. The comp was put together by Writer/Producer Fan Fiction with the help of C-Jeff, the founder of Ubiktune. We’ll also hear expansive, progressive chipmusic from Space Town Savior, new music from Tappy (Cheap Beats) and the new full-length from Glenntai.
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A diverse lineup, featuring chip-remixes of 1960s french yéyé songs by n00bstar (Cheap Beats), chiptune post-rock from Astroskeleton, Swedish chiptunes from 456 and sieken, and new tunes from Sabrepulse!
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We’ll hear the new album from norwegian chiptune musician Kubbi. Music from Keiji Yamagishi (Brave Wave) from Japan, he is the composer from many classic Nintendo soundtracks, like Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Bowl.  We’ll also head to Orlando, Flordia to hear Kawaii 8bit’s Play It Loud: Year One compilation.
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Incredible line-up tonight, music from Sabrepulse, Trey Frey and Tiasu! This episode weaves from up-beat chiptune dance music to deep drum n bass vibes. Remixes from Shirbon, Tri Angles, Dubmood and Henry Homesweet.
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We’ll hear music from two upcoming Chiptune & Video Game Music events, Rockage in San Jose, and LA’s Frequency Festival. The compilations are both free to download on Bandcamp.
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This episode takes a look back and some of the incredible Chiptune tracks released as party of Weekly Treats year in 2014. Weekly Treats is a netlabel that puts out a free exclusive single each week. Check  out new singles at, and past years on Bandcamp.
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TWiC 090: Toy Company, Balloonbear, Rainbowdragoneyes, Awesome Force

High energy episode! Chiptune pirate metal from Rainbowdragoneyes, chippy dance music from Balloonbear, tracks off of Toy Company’s "chipspeech AUTOMATE SONGS .01”, and new music from Awesome Force and (T-T)b! Singles from Grimecraft, Ben Briggs and Kenobit!

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