An epic show of chiptune dance music! New albums from A_Rival and Tiasu, remix albums from Sabrepulse and Glenntai, a new EP from She, and a new track from Monstercat artists Kevin Villecco & Sushi Killer, now known as Hyper Potions!

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Three knock-out albums tonight, Chordslayer by Maxo, Superposition by Zalza, and Main Course by Mega Flare! We’ll also here singles from CheapBeats and Chjolo.
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What a show! New music from Shirobon “Infinity" the flagship release for his new label Hyperwave Records, Metatronaut’s first full length "Waveform Warrior” a 19 track album including remixes by Auxcide, Kommisar and more. New tunes PANDAstar, Calavera, and An0va.
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This Week in Chiptune we've got a full length album of Algar, chiptune beats by Bknapp, two releases from Cheapbeats (Robotprins and n00bstar) a new single for Toriena and a new comp from Parallelogram Records!
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