Be sure to check out the amazing bundle of Chiptunes that Groupees has put together for the 100th episode!
It's the 100th Episode of This Week in Chiptune! To celebrate, I played a three hour set of my favorite chiptune dance music (the third hour got kind of laid back and chill!) Thank you to all my listeners and patrons for help us get to 100 episodes! Here's to many more :D
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Incredible new collection of Celtic folk songs made Chiptune by Chiptunes = WIN, a new international chiptune compilation from Russia’s BleepLove, new heavy hitting LSDj jams from Japan’s NNNNNNNNNN, and the new full-length from Popskyy!

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New music from Dj CUTMAN, 4mat, Malmen, Battle of the Bits, and Pterodactyl Squad. We also listen to a release from the new Boston-based chipmusic label Rhythmus Records, and hear a chilled out track from Knife City.
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Incredible new Chiptune EDM from Meganeko, new compilations from Toy Company and Chipmusic Heroes, and a single from The Mineral Kingdom. We’ll also hear the debut EP from Russellian, hot off of Smoking Mirrors, a label and production studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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