Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This week we've got a special after party by James Landino.

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TWiC 086: Chipocrite, Rushjet1, DDRKirby(ISQ)

We’ve got Chipocrite live in the living room, we’ll hear brand new tracks off his upcoming album Wordplay. We’ll hear indie game soundtracks from Rushjet1 and DDRKirby, and singles by Jredd, Solviio, Josh Zimmerman, Stargazer and Dream*Eater.

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TWiC 085: Shy Guys, Slime Girls, Trey Frey, Shirobon

Huge show tonight! New chiptunes from Virt, Danimal Cannon, Trey Frey, Shirobon, Inverse Phase, Bulby and more! New albums from Slime Girls, Shy Guys and Hypnogram, labels include Shelf___ Label, DESKPOP, and Data Airlines. We’ll even hear a Donkey Kong Country remix from Marshall Art.

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TWiC 084: Rushjet1, Dj CUTMAN, Ralfington Guest Mix

Mega Man 2 remixes from Rushjet1, new singles from Ben Briggs, KODEK, Phonetic Hero, and a couple from myself! Second half of the show is an epic chiptune inspired EDM guest mix by Ralfington. Stick around to the end for previews of two unreleased video game remixes, one of Pokémon and one of Fantasy Life! 

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