Here it is! The Dj CUTMAN live set from MAGFest 2017's Video Game DJ Battle. This mix highlights some of the music from ny new channel JoZu Music ( ), along with some great hardcore GameChops remixes!
00:30 Arcien - Reunited
03:08 Freezer - Falling Down
05:34 Freezer - F**kin' Life
07:10 Arcien - Hopes and Dreams
10:11 Nanobii - RAVE, OK!
11:20 Getty - Jumper
13:58 Trey Frey - Escape from Love
15:02 Hyleo - Last Goodbye
16:25 Freezer - Vine Thicket
19:01 Arcien - The Moon
20:54 Srav3R - Disco Light
23:25 You - Honey Pallet
26:34 The Living Tombstone - I Can't Fix You feat. Crusher P
27:58 Dj CUTMAN - Gotta Catch 'Em All
29:02 Dj CUTMAN - Viridian City
31:25 Nanobii - Popsicle Beach
32:56 Seventhrun - GroundShaker
35:22 Arcien - Elevate
38:05 Tenkitsune - Happiness Adventure
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It's a chiptune christmas! A mix of christmas and wintery holiday tunes from Rush Coil, 8-Bit Weapon & ComputHer, 8-Bit Universe, Yoann Turpin, and Professor Shyguy!
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An evening of chill trap, experimental synthwave, and new singles from GameChops, Inverse Phase, Popskyy and MegaRan.
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A chill out show of Synthwave from Telefuture, mono Nanoloop gameboy deep chip from Nonfinite, and the new compilation from Forest Label, Chiptunes from Russia. Show ends with Earthbound Jazz from the album Psychokinetic.

Tracklist -

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We get a blast from the past from some Chiptuners who were kickin' it before I was even in the scene! New releases from Coda and Algar, plus we take a look back at the 2013 compilation from MicroCollective, and chiptune EDM by Bitonal Landscape.
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Jazzy and chill chiptune and tracker music, with new released by Vince Kaichan, MisfitChris, DDRKirby(ISQ) and more!
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This week we're focusing on chiptune and 8-bit style music that using vocals, some in a sample-heavy choppy fashion, and other in a more traditional singer songwriter style. Enjoy!
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A collection of feel good chiptune, video game, and dance music to get you over whatever you're going through.
Direct download: TWiC_168_Feel_Better_Mix.mp3
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A novemberween special focused on halloween / horror releases from ChiptunesWIN, Pterodactyl Squad, Tracked Music and Forest Label. Dark chiptune grooves, synthwave, and more await!
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This mix combines chill electronica, deep house, gentle breaks and smooth progressive  chiptune. Tracks from She, Jamatar (Hyperwave Records), Breakbeat Heartbeat, and GameChops.
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