In this special Guest Mix, Tokyo Elvis brings us a mix dedicated to the music of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Support Tokyo Elvis on Patreon ►
Supporters of This Week in Chiptune on my Dj CUTMAN Patreon will also receive a download of this mix. Be sure to follow Tokyo Elvis on Twitter and Soundcloud as well.
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0:00 Main Theme
2:09 Shrine
5:47 Ancient Tech Lab
8:38 Horse
11:32 Dragon
13:40 Lurelin Village
17:08 Great Fairy
20:24 Lost Woodz
24:04 Silent Princess
27:00 Memories
29:55 Hyrule
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A tribute episode to J-NERATION, the Japanese netlabel that releases compilation albums of happy hardcore, hard dance, j-core, nightcore, and drum and bass from producers from all over the world. Check out J-NERATION on Bandcamp!
00:00 - nanobii - UP & DOWN 
02:57 - TANUKI - Dawn (TANUKI Remix) 
07:20 - Seventhrun - Siren 
10:08 - Srav3R - Unknown Garden 
13:28 - Moomei - Start Again 
14:54 - Le Dos-on - Nu Clear  
19:24 - Srav3R - Strange Horizon 
21:35 - Srav3R - Reworld  
24:17 - you - Baby Cube
26:44 - you feat. nayuta - Let's Jump!(2016 Update)  
30:08 - DJ NECOJITA - Caramel Soundwave 
30:52 - Seventhrun - Might is Right 
34:32 - Nizikawa - Error Of Fortune 
36:17 - Moomei - Brassfire 
38:07 - Moomei - CYBRLXND 
39:18 - Freezer - F**kin' Life 
40:02 - Freezer - Falling Down 
41:30 - DJ NECOJITA - Pandora Battery  
42:58 - Seventhrun - Sakura Dream 
45:02 - TANUKI - Wanderer
47:38 - nanobii - HYPER DRIVE 
49:46 - nanobii - RAVE, OK! 
52:06 - Freezer - Vine Thicket
53:36 - DJ NECOJITA - Salty Hyperlaser
56:23 - Sanaas - (N)ever Goodbye 
58:53 - Getty - Break it
1:02:11 - you & yaseta - CANDY CANES
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Lots of different kinds of music on this episode! New sneak previews of Spindash 2 from GameChops, the brand new album from Floor Baba, remixes of Nanode, and tunes from Bitonal Landscape! FYI: I blew a circuit breaker in my house during the filming of this episode, but thanks to some amazing viewers, we recovered the episode! 
Support the show on Patreon -
Steven Silo - Marble Zone Super Model (Ice
Cap Zone)
Bitonal Landscape - Digital Mechanical
Bitonal Landscape - Constelation
RobKTA - King of the Mountain (Ice Cap
Tri Angles - Nova (Mr. Angles' New Angle)
Pain Perdu - Jupiter (DVSTRVCT x Revenant
Volkor X - Apidya
Spacious Sweep - Turrican 3
Hypercan - Jim Power
Hazel - Battle Squadron
MASTER BOOT RECORD - Shadow of the Beast
Dj CUTMAN - Chao Garden ft Breakbeat
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 On this episode we delve into the dark heart of chiptune heavy metal!

Full tracklist -

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May 13th, 2017 - Deep house, lofi hiphop and chillout chiptunes on this episode from 8 Bit Weapon, Disabletron, DDRKirby(ISQ), Tri Angles and more. Support the show by pledging on Patreon
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I'm back! New chiptune music from Ubiktune, Donkey Kong EDM from TinyWaves / Materia Collective, Indie Pop from Baroqueen and more! |▸ Subscribe to the This Week in Chiptune youtube channel ►

Full tracklist -

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An extended episode of new and unreleased music from GameChops, new singles from Jozu, a new compilation from Cheapbeats and a whole lot more!
I'm taking a break for the month of April to move to a new place, and there will be no new episodes of TWiC for April 2017. Wwhile I'm gone, head over to the TWiC YouTUbe or website and enjoy our massive back catalog. If you're on YouTube, hit those Like and Share buttons on your favorite episodes, it really does help! The show will return with a new schedule, Saturdays at 4PM EDT, starting on May 6th.
Need music to keep you going while TWiC is off for April? If you listen to music on YouTube, my video game label GameChops posts on Wednesdays & Saturdays, and my new imprint Jozu Music posts on Mondays!
If you're a Spotify fan, I've been working on a series of themed playlists via GameChops . I'll be fine-tuning them for the next few weeks, and they may become an episode! Be sure to follow the "Public Playlists" listed on the GameChops page - 
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Full tracklist & episode info -
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Indie video game music, heartfelt gameboy chiptunes, funky soulful original albums fro Deskpop, PhoneticHero, Parallelogram Records, Megaflare, and more!
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A bunch of exciting forms of chiptune music! Chiptune metal to EDM, to video game music!

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An eclectic set of future bass, future funk, game music and more! Trying out an experimental new camera, so check out the youtube version!

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